Sandys Lecture

Laura Sandys calls for 'Power to the People' at annual Civic Voice Sandys Lecture

Parliamentary Questions

   Laura Sandys asks the Prime Minister about Discovery Park 

   Published 28th November 2013  



BBC Interviews

Conservative MPs launch European Mainstream group

Published 14th February 2013  



MP calls for pricing and food information for shoppers

Published 30th April 2013 



Other Interviews

Renewal think-tank says Tories should position themselves as the new workers party

Published 17th july 2013  



TV Interviews

Thanet Jobs Fair 2013 a Huge Success
Published 10th July 2013

30 Pfizer Staff Will Remain
Published 31st August 2011

Annoucement of the Pfizer closure
Published 31st August 2011

Launch of the Discovery Park Enterprise Zone in Sandwich
Published 17th August 2011

Destination History: Culture Challenge
Published 1st July 2011

A257 Campaign
Published 11th January 2011

Sandys Fights to Increase Fisherman's Quotas
Published 11th January 2011

Laura Sandys' MP Maiden Speech to Parliament
Published 10th January 2011




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