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Why do we need this petition?

All of us have seen significant improvement in the local area over the last few years and I’m optimistic about the future. That’s not to say that we don’t have problems but it was extremely disappointing for part of the Isle to be unfairly and unhelpfully branded a 'dumping ground' following the publication of a new report on seaside towns. What is particularly unfortunate is that Thanet's own district councillors including the Leader of the Council are quoted in the report doing the town down.


We still have some way to go and I’m working hard to address the challenges that exist but I firmly believe that the tide is changing and as part of that we need to play on our assets. There is a new era on the horizon and that's a very exciting opportunity for Thanet and its residents.


That’s why this week I am launching a new campaign: Conserving Cliftonville's ‘Camelot’, to designate its unique architecture as a conservation area, safeguarding this quality housing for future generations. If this is good enough for Ramsgate and Broadstairs then it is most certainly good enough for Cliftonville too!


It is widely acknowledged in the design world that we have some of the most wonderful examples of architecture here on our doorsteps. The roads in Cliftonville read as a list of kings from a time gone by: Athelstan, Ethelbert, Edgar, Harold and Sweyn to name but a few. At present these are not subject to any conservation orders and buildings can be renovated or knocked down willy nilly.


I have been asking the Council to speed up these designations for some time but have not yet received an adequate response. Help me petition the Council to designate these conservation areas which will bring with them greater enforcement opportunities against appalling landlords and dilapidated properties. It will also provide funding opportunities for conservation projects and rebrand the town.


We must cease to continue to talk our towns down and instead build on what we have to bring about a new era of promise and potential. Yes, they need a good dose of TLC but let's nurture them and be the agents of the change we all want to see. (Laura's View, Isle of Thanet Gazette, 9th August 2013).


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