Posted 26.11.12

The Smarter Consumer Commission Policies


The Smarter Consumer Commission is calling for ten policy measures to build a more resilient consumer:
1. Government should re-establish the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Food to place consumers at the heart of policy and ensure there’s a coherent food strategy across departments;
2. DEFRA should establish a Food Affordability Index to report on food, affordability and nutritional changes as food prices rise;
3. Government and the industry must be clear with the consumer that prices will rise to encourage behavioural change;
4. The Department of Education should introduce mandatory food education into the Early Years curriculum and introduce food traffic lights through its School Meals Review;
5. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills should review and tighten its guidance to retailers on promotional offers. The customer must be able to effectively judge whether a supermarket deal offers value for money;
6. Government should get food producers and retailers to back a public information campaign to combat the myth that fresh food is more expensive;
7. The Department for Health should review the delivery and effectiveness of Change4Life;
8. Government should assess whether families would be better served by a proportion of their welfare payments being administered through a food-card scheme;
9. Government should undertake a total review of food labelling to place the consumer at the heart of the process of assessing quantity and quality of information;
10. Manufacturers and retailers’ Responsibility Deal should be extended to encourage supermarkets to promote cheaper food e.g. alternative meat cuts or in-store affordable meal cards.

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