Posted 3.12.14

Sandys Celebrates Ramsgate’s Augustus Pugin at Parliament

Laura Sandys was delighted to support St. Augustine’s Church in Ramsgate by hosting the annual Pugin Reception in the Houses of Parliament. Attended by supporters from the local community, as well as other MPs and members of the House of Lords, the event was a huge success. Held in Speaker’s House, one of the most famous examples of Pugin’s work, the event comes as funding continues to roll in for the new educational and visitor centre under development at St. Augustine’s.


Laura said “Being able to hold the event in Speaker’s House, one of Pugin’s masterpieces, only underpins the enormous value of his work not only to Ramsgate, but for the country as a whole. It is an exciting prospect to think that a world-class educational and visitor facility will hopefully soon be open to all at St Augustine’s Church in Thanet.”


Laura was particularly pleased to present some of the original Pugin tiles from Central Lobby to Father Marcus of St Augustine’s, The Pugin Society and The Ramsgate Society.


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