Posted 19.9.12

Laura Sandys MP New PPS to Minister of State, Greg Barker MP



Laura Sandys MP has been appointed as the new Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of State for the Department for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker MP.


Laura said: “It is a real privilege to be working as Greg Barker MP’s PPS. Having worked with the energy sector for 20 years prior to my election to Parliament, I hope I can bring some of my experience to the role.


“Having also worked briefly at the Consumer Association I am very aware of the challenges faced by customers with rising bills. With the roll-out of the Green Deal just around the corner, we have a real opportunity to improve the UK’s housing stock, reduce energy bills and keep families warm.


“I also look forward to working closely with the Department, colleagues, and the wider energy sector to ensure the arguments for energy investment and green growth are clearly made and understood. Already, the green economy represents a huge part of the UK economy and has created more jobs than sectors such as ICT, finance, insurance, and the motor trade. Transitioning to a green economy is not a nice to have, but a total necessity if we are to achieve long term economic growth.”



Laura Sandys MP is a Conservative Member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee. Prior to her election to Parliament, Laura’s company worked for the the energy sector for 20 years and she was an advisor to the Georgian Government on the Baku–Ceyhan Pipeline Project. She is a leading advocate of modernising our economy through de-carbonisation and low input re-engineering of our energy and manufacturing sector, to remain internationally competitive and achieve long term growth and energy security. 

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