Posted 20.3.09


Back to the Future – Destination History
Last week we launched Destination History, an important initiative to place history at the heart of our non-seasonal marketing for visitors to Thanet and Sandwich. With over 40 organisations, tourist businesses and event organisers attending, the determination and passion to further promote and enhance our unique history in Thanet and Sandwich turned into some very positive action points that the group is going to take forward.
“I have always been amazed at the wonderful architecture, the history around every corner, our wars and our invasions. We have truly been at the front line of our country’s history – and we have a great story to tell visitors – whatever era or theme of history that they are interested in. This initiative will pull together all the groups that already do so much to promote our history and we were very pleased that Visit Thanet and Visit Kent will work with us to achieve our goals.
If we can attract an increase in non-seasonal visitors who are higher margin we will be able to create jobs in our low season, keep our local businesses working throughout the year and encourage more people to use our historic assets as part of our economic development.” 
We will be developing historic maps, website pdf for people to upload to their sites, marketing ideas and some tourist packages. Visit Thanet will also be developing a website presence to promote our historical package. 
If anyone would like to be put on our Destination History emailing list then please do contact me at and I will keep you up to date with meetings and actions that we are taking to place our past at the heart of our future.

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