Campaigning for South Thanet


Keep up to date with all the campaigns and projects taking place in South Thanet

Securing the future of the Pfizer Site

Following the announcement that Pfizer are to leave Sandwich, I have been working tirelessly with the Economic Taskforce, the Science Minister and the other East Kent MPs to secure investment and attract new businesses to the site. Creating new employment opportunities for existing staff is my priority.


Improving the Televison Reception

After suffering years of terrible television reception in South Thanet I will be working hard over the course of this Parliament to get better television reception for everyone.


Campaign Against Live Animal Exports

Campaign against the awful and unacceptable trade in live animals through the Port of Ramsgate





Saving our Fishermen
I have been campaigning for a change to the EU quotas that have handcuffed our fisherman. Under EU rules they can only fish certain amounts of each type of fish, severely effecting their livelihood and the Thanet economy.



Stopping the placement of London children in Thanet

Campaigning to make sure that looked after London children are not unnecesarily moved to Thanet.





'The Grand Green Isle'

Renewable technologies are the future; we in Thanet can't miss out!




Destination History


Bringing together the heritage and cultural attractions across Thanet, Sandwich and the Stour Villages to effectively market the area as an all year, all weather tourist destination.


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